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GRP2616 IP Phone - now in stock

Grandstream has released the newest member of it's GRP series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones, the GRP2616. This powerful new model offers 6 lines, 6 SIP accounts, two LCD screens, and built-in dual-band Wi-Fi to support flexible deployments. The GRP2616 offers a powerful, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy voice platform with next-gen features and cloud provisioning/management through the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS).

GRP2616 Key Specifications

  • 4.3” Color LCD screen and an additional 2.4"LCD screen

  • 6 lines keys, 6 SIP accounts, and 48 virtual multi-purpose keys (MPKs)

  • Integrated dual-band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

  • Opus support

  • Firmware upgrade using the Grandstream Device Management System

  • Swappable faceplates for easy logo customization

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