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Web Call Back Services

The Ultecom Click to Call web call back service was developed from the ground up with these objectives;

  • Increase the probability of converting a web page visit to a voice conversation by providing a quick, convenient and free way to make a phone call.

  • Capturing information about the call so that the web site visit and a subsequent call are linked for performance reporting purposes.

  • Deliver the service as a pay-for-results cloud based service.

  • Offer enterprise grade voice quality and security.

Maintaining brand requires the delivery of a consistently good customer experience; from the moment they visit the website to the transaction and beyond. Click to Call provides a smooth transition from the web page to a telephone call. We offer a number features that help improve the customer experience;

  • Call back later. Perhaps the customer would prefer to be called at another time. We allow them to specify a time in the future. The call back is automatically arranged exactly at the time requested.

  • SMS supported confirmations and call back options. 

  • Customisable whispers that provides the consultant with information about the incoming call before the customer is connected.

  • The customer is greeted by a consultant not a call queue. We can call the customer as soon as a consultant is available rather than before - a feature of QueueBypass®.

  • Regular activity reporting is provided. Instant lead notification via email is also available.

Implementation of this service can be facilitated by the web marketing team since no changes to the call centre are required other than awareness of the service by the operators. Ultecom will work with you in trialling, implementing and reporting on the service.

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